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1st PANACEA Technical Meeting on the ILSP premises (Greece)

17 Apr 2010
The 1st PANACEA Technical Meeting took place on April 14th and 15th 2010 on the ILSP premises in Athens. The meeting dealt with all the technical aspects for each Work Package and the results of the analyses carried out by each partner during the first months of the project.

The meeting aimed to take decisions on WP requirements, the evaluation criteria and distribution of tasks for the next months. All the partners contributed with the data gathered on LRs and existing tools, moreover a work plan was established for the period from May 2010 until February 2011.

A list with all technical WPs presentations is available here

  1. WP3 Analysis and Work Plan PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP3.pdf
  2. WP3 Interoperability PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP3_Interoperability.pdf
  3. WP4 (1-2) PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP4.1-2.pdf
  4. WP4 (3) PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP4.3.pdf
  5. WP5 PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP5.pdf
  6. WP6 PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP6.pdf
  7. WP7 PANACEA-Athens_2010-WP7.pdf