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Welcome to PANACEA

PANACEA, a STREP Project under EU-FP7, has developed a factory of Language Resources (LRs) in the form of a production line that automates all steps involved in the acquisition, production, maintenance and updating of the LRs required by Machine Translation and other Language Technologies.

The factory is a Web Service-based platform that integrates advanced technological components for:

  • Monolingual and Parallel Text Acquisition and Pre-Processing
  • Parallel corpora Alignment
  • Bilingual Dictionary Production
  • Monolingual Rich Information Lexica Production
  • Click HERE to learn how to begin using PANACEA.

    Click HERE to get the acquired resources, i.e. the datasets produced during the project:

  • Monolingual Corpora (raw text, n-grams, parsed, for EL, EN, ES, FR and IT)
  • Parallel Corpora (sentence aligned, EN-EL and EN-FR)
  • Monolingual Lexica (Verbal Subcategorization for EN, ES and IT, Noun Lexical-Semantic Classes, for EN and ES; MultiWords for IT)
  • Bilingual Glossaries (EL-EN, FR-EN, DE-EN)

  • PANACEA Web Portals


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