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PANACEA Workshop 2011 held on 29 June

11 Jul 2011
The workshop explored the needs and demands of professional LR users, as well as presented PANACEA’s achievements.

PANACEA Workshop 2011 ("Discussing LR Needs with the Users") was held in Budapest on the 29 June 2011

The goal of the PANACEA Users’ Workshop 2011 was to organize a meeting point for Language Resource users who look for an easier way to provide their businesses and technology with much needed LRs. The workshop delved into the needs and demands of professional LR users while also presenting PANACEA’s achievements, exploring common grounds of cooperation.

Several collaborations have been established with potential users of the web services, including LR users as well as web services and LR providers willing to share their assets through the platform.

For more information on the topiocs discussed at the Workshop, please refer to the presentations below:

  • What PANACEA can do for you

    Núria Bel, UPF, Spain (PANACEA Coordinator)

  • Needs in the LT and Localization World

    Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic, Spain

  • Needs in the MT and HLT Industrial Applications

    Gregor Thurmair, Linguatec, Germany

  • An Easy-to-Use and to Configure Platform for a Demanding User

    Marc Poch, UPF, Spain

  • Corpus Production Tools

    Prokopis Prokopidis, ILSP, Greece

  • Data Alignment and Bilingual Tools

    Antonio Toral, DCU, Ireland

  • Lexicon Production and Tools

    Thierry Poibeau, University of Cambridge & LaTTiCe-CNRS, UK

  • Simplifying the Legal Framework for the Users

    Victoria Arranz, ELDA-ELRA, France