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PANACEA at the 14th Annual Conference of the EAMT 2010 in Saint Raphaël - France.

15 Apr 2010

The 14th Annual Conference of the EAMT 2010 will take place in the mediterranean location of Saint Raphaël - France. EAMT 2010 is an event addressed to all those interested in machine translation and related fields- developers, researchers, users, professional translators, managers, marketing experts - anyone who has a stake in the vision of an information world in which language issues become transparent to the information consumer.

The conference aims to gather experts from all over the world to share their experiences, developers to describe what is happening in the internet marketplace, researchers looking to new capabilities, and visionaries to describe the future.

The president of the EAMT, Andy Way, from the Dublin City University and a PANACEA partner, will be opening the conference, whose overall theme will be Machine Translation - a useful tool to enhance communication or an overrated gimmick.

On May 28th a special session on "European Community supported projects - plenary presentations" will be dedicated to EU-funded projects. PANACEA will participate together with other EU projects, iTRANSLATE4, META-NET, MOLTO, PLUTO, TTC. Besides it will participate in the poster session to be held on the same day.

See conference programme here